B&O Special Merit Roll, 1914/10

Special Merit Roll, October, 1914

The accompanying picture shows James H.

Murray, machinist at Clifton shops, and nephew

of James H. Clark, superintendent floating

equipment. On August 31st, about 3 p. m.

“Jim” was working on the lighter

“Monocacy,” when he heard a call for

help coming from a  

young lady swimming

several hundred

feet away from where he was

working. He immediately

jumped overboard and

swam to her. She was about to go

down for the last time when he arrived

and brought her to shore.

Upon arriving there he was met by others who

had heard the cry for help and he also found out

that the young lady was his own cousin. She was

taken to the hospital in a very serious condition.

Jim is a fine swimmer and reached the young

lady just in time to save her from being

drowned. He is to be highly complimented.